Todays problems in brief….

It’s the best smokescreen ever and a scapegoat for all the main political parties…blame the foreigners….The fact is there is no problem with immigration. 20 billion put into the British economy in the past 10 years from migrants. Benefit tourism takes up 0.04 % of the budget. The London economy is thriving because of immigration.  Migrants do work we don’t want to and help balance the economy. Europe may be a problem because it is used to shift about cheap labour. But that’s blaming the cause not the symptom. Workers are exploited regardless of where they are from. There is a problem with excessive population growth but that’s a different issue.
Corporate tax evasion, wealth tax avoidance, bankers unregulated while the public purse pays for their sins, politicians using their job as a way into city finance while having little regard for who they’re supposed to represent, fracking leading to pollution of the water supply, the third world being kept in their place because capitalism wouldn’t work without it, entire continents being pushed back into slavery,  austerity cuts, persecution of the disabled, demonization of the working classes, zero hours contracts, people being worked like battery hens in call centres, no access to education unless you’ve got money…these are  real problems. Either wake up or get in the bastards faces. I look forward to what alternate votes like Green and SNP bring to Westminster next year. That is all. x

Author: johnscottcomedy

John has been involved in comedy for 17 years. Here's some nice things people have said..... GLASGOW HERALD. Given that we’ve had indyref, a general election and Jeremy Corbyn since the last Edinburgh Fringe, you might expect there to be more self-confessed “political” comedians around this year. Oh, a lot of acts will dip a toe in “UKIP are nasty” shallows, but it takes someone like John Scott to dive in head-first and punch every hideous sea creature he meets right between the eyes. Before you know it, he’s chewed up and spat out austerity, Margaret Thatcher, the paedophile scandal, benefit fraud, racism, class, homophobia, Mhairi Black and a sneezing attack on a bus (ok, the last one isn’t strictly political, but it is a great anecdote, so worth a mention). He reserves a special venom for Tony Blair and the invasion of Iraq but somehow, filtered through his comedy-club delivery, it doesn’t feel like a soapbox diatribe or a trendy-leftie ticking off: this is political comedy built from the grassroots up, an informed opinion column with a spiky sense of humour. Alan Morrison THE LIST. “Confidently told hilarious tales of class-based woe, nothing missed the mark in a superb set where every story was expertly crafted before being subverted with a killer punch line. After practicing comedy for five arduous years, expect to see his name somewhere big very soon.” THE SUN. “John Scott is an excellent comic and this is without doubt the first step on the road to a long and successful career in comedy." EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS. “ Always plays a blinder. Never hits a dry patch. People were literally in tears of laughter.” THE OBSERVER. “Among the top 5 comics emerging from Scotland.” THE SKINNY “A genuinely gifted comedian.” ADELAIDE ROCKS. “Superb! The stand out stand up of the evening.” 100% BIKER “Possibly the funniest Scotsman alive.”

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