F**k Austerity.

PABLO IGLESIAS: “Austerity means that people is expulsed of their homes. Austerity means that the social services don’t work anymore. Austerity means that public schools have not the elements, the means to develop their activity. Austerity means that the countries have not sovereignty anymore, and we became a colony of the financial powers and a colony of Germany. Austerity probably means the end of democracy. I think if we don’t have democratic control of economy, we don’t have democracy. It’s impossible to separate economy and democracy, in my opinion.”

Pablo Iglesias, the head of this new anti-austerity group in Spain called Podemos, which means in English “We can.”

Remember when your high street used to go butchers, independent baker and maybe not a candlestick maker but what was commonly known as the handyman’s, where you could buy candles. But now you look at your high street and it goes charity shop, another charity shop, pay day loan lender, bookies and four Gregs the bakers. Well there are a lot of factors that have caused this but you can bet a weeks worth of foodbank vouchers that austerity has placed a big part in these changes.

To put it simply austerity is class war. It does nothing but make a population suffer. Good old austerity when the billionaires in business tell the millionaires in politics that the rest of us are too greedy.

Austerity almost sounds nice. Like something homely and sensible that your grandparents did during the war (there’s been plenty of them just pick one that suits your age/generation) Austerity is nice and simple like a baked potato and cheese (hold the pickle we’re on an austerity drive here.)

Austerity under recession makes no sense. It just doesn’t work. If we spend the economy gets it back in tax. If we save, or stick money in a tax haven it does nothing. It’s useless.

In the bigger picture of our economic systems the savings we make from the poor are miniscule. And if we keep hammering them then any money we save in shrinking the state will cost us more in crime and malnutrition. Besides this concern about the deficit is a smoke screen. If we went after the unpaid tax in this country we could probably clear it tomorrow.

We’ve had a budget today and it makes for grim viewing if you’re a young person or at the bottom of the social scale. Many of you reading probably think that’s not you…but pause for a second and ask just how easy it could be for you to end up there.

Again this is class war. The so-called welfare state is being eroded. It’s not an economic policy that makes any sense as to end a serious recession. Who runs an economy as a form of punishment? C**ts do…that’s who

So fuck austerity I say. Me and my wife have decided to join the resistance and holiday in Greece this year. We urge you to do the same. Because when this really kicks off they’re going to need all the help they can get…and maybe we’re not too far off being in the same boat as them.

Author: Dissent

the meanderings of comedian John Scott

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