I/Mature Student. 1. Northumbria Uni. 1st impressions.

It’s enrolment week at Northumbria university. As I’m starting a degree in Drama and Script writing I’ve been advised to start a blog or keep a diary of my thoughts and experiences. It’s nice when you’re ahead of the curve.  So far I’ve only been picking up my student ID and been to a chat on the Library.

For a Uni that used to be a polytechnic Northumbria sits high on academic leagues.  The Library stands among the equal top 8 in the UK and yes that’s alongside the Oxbridge toffs. Having lived in Newcastle for 13 years this doesn’t surprise me. As a city with limited resources the Geordies are adept at looking after their own. They’ve thrown much effort into their newest centre for academic excellence and it’s nice to see so many working class kids being able to throw up two fingers to the supposedly more established Newcastle University which is just across the road. Did one of them produce the touchscreen  phone or I-Pad? No that was someone from my Uni, ta very much.



Author: Dissent

the meanderings of comedian John Scott

2 thoughts on “I/Mature Student. 1. Northumbria Uni. 1st impressions.”

  1. I’m sorry Matt. I have to admit in the last two years my perspective on such things has changed entirely and the chip on my shoulder has been removed. Genuine apologies. When I know you’ve seen my reply let me know and I’ll remove the blog. That was twatish of me, but please do understand I don’t make comments like this about any other professional these days. genuinely sorry. x


  2. Actually don’t worry about getting back Matt i’ve removed the part. please don’t take such comments personally, they’re not meant, they’re the witterings of someone who was a bit bitter at that point in life. having spent a couple of years mixing with students more than half my age has hopefully improved me and my perspectives.


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