Britain celebrates Brexit with new pound coin.


So the pound has sunk even lower this week and all UKIP can offer to fix the problem is to punch each other in the head. God help us if they are ever in charge of anything. Saying that UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe shows no signs of a blood clot on the brain. But then how do you clot something that isn’t there.

I was given the UKIP version of Cludo as a gift this year. That’s the one where it doesn’t matter who did it you just always blame the immigrant.

Theresa May has announced new trade deals with the Chinese. Yes I remember they came to visit earlier this year and David Cameron presented them with quite an unusual welcome gift. The entire British steel industry.

As those opposed to Jeremy Corbyn Tweet #GoodbyeLabour perhaps at the same time we should all be texting #GoodbyeScotland.

In other news UKIP have announced they’d like to deport anybody who refuses to speak English. That might prove tricky for the Welsh.

Author: Dissent

the meanderings of comedian John Scott

3 thoughts on “Britain celebrates Brexit with new pound coin.”

  1. Interesting round-up – love the Cluedo game. I think politicians just have to face facts – now that the Brexit vote has been cast – UKIP are no longer needed. Labour just appeals to Guardian readers, but the working classes do not read the Guardian. This seems to be a repeat of what was going on when Margaret Thatcher came to power in 1979. It looks like we will have a Tory government for the next 8 years, and we are in for a bumpy ride. Expect riots – threats of WW3, bizarre anti-fashion and some new types of music. The difference this time round is that we have the WorldWideWeb and we know what’s happening more truthfully and faster.


    1. Some good points but I think Corbyn is reconnecting with the masses. It maybe depends where you live. I’m in Newcastle and we have the Durham Miners Gala day which is a celebration of community and socialism. this year a record 150’000 turned up to see Corby speak. It’s the biggest gathering of its type in Europe. Also Corbyn did a quick stop in Liverpool recently and 10’000 turned out to see him on a rainy Tuesday. I would say keep the faith. Things can change. They have before they can again. xx

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