Vaping Vs. Smoking

This is a genuine conversation that unfolded in a train station yesterday…. 


MAN. Oi! You cant smoke there.
ME. I’m not smoking mate its a vape.
MAN. Yeah but that’s the same thing.
ME. Its not mate. Its a very different thing. I’m totally with you on the smoking thing though. We should just have them all shot.
MAN.(After looking a bit confused). Look just cos its electronic doesn’t make it different. There’s still secondary smoke.
ME. There isn’t mate it vapour. Look what comes out of your kettle.
MAN Smoke!

It was around this point I realised this was a debate I could never win.

Author: Dissent

the meanderings of comedian John Scott

5 thoughts on “Vaping Vs. Smoking”

  1. So did he let you vape in the train station? I have noticed there are different rules for smoking compared to cigarettes but know they are putting more regulations on vaping like not smoking within 20 feet of buildings etc. At least that’s where I’m from I don’t know if it’s the same from where your from but I think they’re even trying to make it not possible for people to vape in their own homes.Which I think is a total invasion of privacy Anyway I would greatly appreciate it if you would follow me or check out my blog on vaping. Either way thank you for your inspirational post. -bel


    1. Our NHS did research into vaping and found it to be 95%safer than cigarettes. Also no harm at all from anything secondary. that’s why I tend to stand my ground. The situation is vague on train stations as they have no smoking signs but no, no vaping signs. I’m sure it will be banned everywhere soon despite the evidence. in scots theatre your not allowed to portray smoking resulting in one of our top playwrights withdrawing all his work from performance in Scotland.

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      1. Wow, that is pretty strict rules on non-smoking when you can’t even portray smoking in a play. That really seems to detract from artistic expression and I can see why a playwright would be upset by this. It’s too bad they don’t use vaping in movies and plays, maybe that would be more acceptable? Although I have never seen an actor using a vaporizer instead of a cigarette. It should be more acceptable because they are safer than cigarettes but using nothing is better than using vaping or smoking.


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